Race: Human
Age: 23
Affiliations Tobar (brother)
Player character (partner)
Occupation Hunter
Potential bride
Actor Laura Bailey

Akari is a hunter, and a potential companion/spouse in Astralis.


The only daughter of two parents who own a general supply store, Akari alongside with her brother Tobar are the only ones keeping the business up and alive. While Tobar handles the store, Akari tends to hunt outside of Kamikura for wild animals and tend the crops grown by her brother at a small garden at the back of the store.


Akari displays an air of simplicity. She is a bit free-spirited and would usually love to strike up a conversation with the player character. If she's married to the player character - she will show deep affection and gratitude, thinking "the gods gave her the player character as the one she would love for the rest of her life".

Interactions with the player characterEdit

She is involved in a few quests for Kamikura

  • Ogre The Walls - Akari may be recruited as a temporary companion for this quest. Afterwards, permanent companionship for Akari is unlocked as a reward for completing the quest.
  • Ware-housekeeping - Akari is the giver of this quest.

In-game statsEdit

Health Base health 850/850
Health growth 120
Base regeneration 6.2
Regeneration growth 2.3


Weapons Armor Other
Hunter's bow
Steel longsword
Leather armor Steel arrows (20)
Recovery potion




  • Akari has an unusual schedule: she sometimes sleeps from 5PM and wakes up rarely at 12AM. After waking up, she would usually have some food before she sits on the chair just next at the store's main doorstep, or rarely patrol Kamikura's streets.


  • She is voiced by Laura Bailey.
  • Some of her quotes refer to the popular habits of RPG players of hoarding every single item they come across.