This page lists the unabridged quotes of Akari.




  • "Sure! I'll take anything if you'd allow me to take them back to my brother's shop." (when accessing her inventory)
  • "Heh. I guess you just love to grab and bag things, I see?" (when accessing her inventory)
  • "Don't you ever complain if in case I have a bag of gold out of all these things, okay?" (when accessing her inventory while she has over 150 weight of items)
  • "Just a friendly reminder: I'm a relatively young woman, and certainly not a pack mule." (when accessing her inventory while she has over 150 weight of items carried)


  • "Did you miss me, my love?"
  • "I knew you'd miss me, honey."
  • "Here, hon. Have a kiss so that you'll remember me on the trail."
  • "There's always fresh baked potatoes and a warm loving heart back here at home, okay!"
  • "Here, have some <name of food> made with fresh ingredients and with love." (when asked to cook something for the player)
  • "Sure! I know you'll scour the whole Astralis out there, so here's some food so you'll feel at home while on the trail." (when asked to cook something for the player)
  • "Oh! Oh.. I'm actually surprised you're still left with bits of energy after all the adventure! But don't worry, I'm not going to tire you out my dear." (before initiating the lovers' respite)
  • "Okay, my love. *giggles* I'll have our room ready, and I'll be sure you'll be sleeping well tonight." (before initiating the lovers' respite)
  • "Hnnnngh.. that was.. great, love. We should do it every now and then." (after lovers' respite)
  • "Whew! That was rather.. energetic! I hope we can have it even more vigorous and wilder next time, dear!" (after lovers' respite)


These sets of dialogue will be heard once both NPCs stay at the player character's home.
Akari: Hi there.
Elise: Hello.. and you are?
Akari: I am Akari. It's nice to meet you.
Elise: And I am Elise. I work as both mage and artificer on the College of Magic in Moorwind. Also, I was supposed to be the proprietress of my family's winery businesses until.. well.. I ran away.
Akari: Impressive. I'm guessing that you went away from home on some search for knowledge or things magic can do, right?
Elise: Yes, I am not fit for business management. I would honestly enjoy spend time on my room reading books about the ancient dwarven technology.
Akari: Hm, well. I work as my brother's assistant on our family's shop in Kamikura.
Elise: Interesting, what does your family's shop have for sale?
Akari: General goods. You name it. Tools, food or potions? We might have a few on the store.
Elise: I see. You should see me on my room sometimes so you'll get to know different kinds of spells, and other useful things magic can do.
Akari: I'm looking forward to it, thanks! See you later now!
Elise: Yeah, see you!
* * * *
Elise: Fiddlesticks.. where's my-oh! Akari, did you happen to find my reading glasses?
Akari: No, sorry.
Elise: It's alright now. Now where could my reading glasses be? Uhmm.. hmmm-huh. They're in my coat's right pocket..
This dialogue will be heard once both NPCs stay at the player character's home, and if the player hasn't completed Sayaka's questline.
Akari: Hello, lass.
Sayaka: Uhm... hello..
Akari: You seem to be a bit uneasy today. Is there anything wrong that we might talk about?
Sayaka: No, it's nothing..