Alfin's Trophy is an exceptional Model 1 Standard Infantry Rifle in Astralis.


Owned by a former blacksmith who broke the bad to become a bandit, Alfin's Trophy is an exceptional firearm, sporting a very unique design consisting of a darker red wooden stock and handguard. The metallic components of the gun but the hammer and the operating rod are refurbished: from the default iron to darker steel parts donned with ornate engravings.

It is revealed on Alfin's journal that he made his own personal firearm after discovering a cache of M1 rifles on the retreat of the bandits he is currently with.


It is found on a table on Alfin's quarters, next to a crafting bench.

In-game statisticsEdit

Alfin's Trophy
Class Exceptional two-handed firearm
Damage 47-71
Speed Fast
Capacity 15 / 1 (.27cal rifle rounds)
Effects While this weapon's current magazine is not fully depleted, reloading is 10% slower.
Selective Shots: This weapon can fire a single shot, and can also fire on full-automatic. This effect can be toggled and has a second cooldown for every toggle.
Gold value 3,550
Quality Exceptional