The Armor of the Lost Knight is an exceptional armor in Astralis.


The armor of the lost knight appears to be a heavily modified suit of steel ring mail incorporated with parts obtained from a suit of leather armor in which used as a substitute for the probable broken pieces.

It comprises of a torn-out ring mail fitted with a belted blue coat with golden hemlines that is worn over the leather vest and before the leather gorget and pauldrons. The owner appeared to have trimmed down the steel rings from the ring mail's leg sleeves to increase his mobility and used the leather trousers from the leather armor he used as a substitute.

In addition, a scarf and a few pouches are installed on the coat's belt in order to store small items that can be used in battle or survival.

In-game statisticsEdit

Armor of the Lost Knight
Class Exceptional light armor
Armor rating 110
Movement speed Fast
Effects '
Chest 50 armor; 150 health
Unique – Knight's Durance: 5% of the damage you take charges the item (capped at 370 damage); when your health drops below 60%, dispenses all charges stored onto a shield that rapidly decays over 5 seconds. (300 second cooldown)
Gloves 10 armor
Unique – Knight's Ferocity: When your health drops below 15%, you gain 5% attack speed and critical strike chance until the combat ends. 200 second cooldown.
Greaves 50 armor; 20 movement speed
Unique – Knight's Tenacity: When your health drops to 40%, you gain 20% chance of dodging melee attacks until the combat ends. 90 second cooldown.
Gold value 10,250
Quality Exceptional