The Challenger is an exceptional one-handed rapier in Astralis.


The Challenger is a straightened saber sporting a long gleaming steel blade, along with a smooth red grip and a with golden gem socket fitted with a yellow crystal with a golden handguard that covers most of the wielder's hand welded on the golden socket's left side.

In-game statisticsEdit

Class Exceptional one-handed rapier
Damage 45-79
Speed Fast
Effects unique – Duelist: Entering combat with non-beasts cause you to deal 25-47 magic damage per second for 2 seconds and recovery granting you 20 health and 12 mana per second for 4 seconds.
learn – Bout Blast: Blasts your target with a bright red thunderous bolt, rendering them deal 20% less damage to you while they suffer 40 pure damage for 10 seconds. This ability is permanently learned once this item is equipped.
Gold value 17,500
Quality Exceptional
Flavor You're a worthy challenger deserving of this weapon.