The Dreamland or the Dreamsphere is a realm that is said to exist on the human mind. According to Astralian scholars, the Dreamland has no definite apperance, but would only be defined according to a person's current dream. People who claimed to see the Dreamland were oftenly branded insane, albeit that there are some stories about the Dreamland that were believed to be true.

In the game, the player character can "explore" the Dreamland by completing special in-game conditions and BY sleeping for more than twelve hours. There are a total of 16 Dreamland quests in the game and whatever loot that could be found there can be brought back to real time upon the completion of the quest. Completing all of the Dreamland quests will yield a title reward: the "Dreamwalker".

Note that if a Dreamland quest is completed, it would be impossible to return so players must unburden themselves before delving into the Dreamland for very valuable treasures.

Dreamland QuestsEdit