King's Edge is one of the unique items available to the player character on the Dreamland quest, Kingdom of Cards.


The King's Edge is an ornate bastard sword with a blade as white as pearl and a decorated hilt sporting an inverted golden chevron with a shiny ruby shaped like a heart on the center. The handle of the weapon also consists of a blood-red grip and a diamond-shaped emerald attached on the sword's gold pommel.


It is wielded by the King of Blades, during the Kingdom of Cards Dreamland quest. He must be defeated in order for the blade to be looted from his corpse, along with his armor.

In-game statisticsEdit

King's Edge
Class Mythical one-handed sword
Damage 57-114
Speed Moderate
Effects unique – King's Strength: 30% chance to deal double critical damage during critical strikes.
active – King's Emergency Call: Summons either an Archer of Hearts, Spearman of Diamonds, Maceman of Clubs or an Axe Warrior of Spades to fight with you for 60 seconds. (250-second cooldown).
Gold value 12,500
Quality Mythical