Lost is the very first Dreamland quest the player will encounter. It will be triggered by discovering at least 15 locations on the game.


After discovering at least 15 locations, head to your bed and sleep for more than 12 hours. The next time you wake up, you will be taken to a small forest path. Traversing the forest path will lead you to a large clearing with stone arch standing on the midst. Taking the arch will cause you to teleport on the end of the forest, then to a mountain trail.

Taking the mountain trail will have you end up in a summit. This time, there are no archs so the only way to progress the quest is to head to the very top ledge and jump off from there. Doing so will cause you to teleport to a canyon. There's a trail that will take you down the canyon. As you finally progress, walk forward and you'll end up on a large rock, and a desert ahead.

To progress to the next stage, there's a faint ripple on that large rock and you must walk right at the rock so that you will be taken on a beach. Ahead of you is a stone arch. A wooden arch can be seen when you look behind of you. DO NOT take the stone arch ahead. Taking the wooden arch will cause you to be sent back to the real world, completing the quest.


  • The reward on this quest are only 1500 XP.
  • There are neither humans nor creatures to be killed as you are completely alone in this Dreamland quest.