The Master Squire armor is a suit of armor fashioned for master squires.

The armor mainly features a short dark-brown tunic worn before the thickened leather chestguard and a short thick blue wool surcoat with golden hemlines and an embroidery of two crossed longswords behind a shield. In addition, the armor features thick leather pauldrons and a gorget worn before the surcoat. On the back of the torso piece of the armor lies two leather sheathes for longswords, and a small number of pouches fastened at the armor's waistline. Tightened leather trousers are worn before the reinforced leather greaves, allowing the wearer to be a bit more resilient and mobile during fights.

In-game statisticsEdit

Master Squire Armor
Class Legendary light armor
Armor rating 240
Movement speed Fast
Effects '
Cuirass 80 armor
Unique – Battle Resistance: : While in combat, you gain 20% armor and 30% spell armor.
Vambraces 80 armor
Unique – Battle Fury: Your melee attacks has a 5% chance to stun your targets for 1.5 seconds.
Greaves 80 armor
Unique – Battle Perseverance: For every 1% slow you accumulate through combat increases your movement and attack speed that decays over 8 seconds. Capped over at 20% slow.
Gold value 23,900
Quality Legendary