The Moorwind Model 1 Standard Infantry Rifle or better known as the M1 is one of the earliest firearms the player can acquire in Astralis.


The Model 1 Standard Infantry Rifle was an infantry rifle developed by the Moorwind State Arms. It is a magazine-fed semi-automatic rifle that uses .27 calibre rifle cartidge. The M1 rifle is the standard issue rifle of the Moorwind State Defence guards, and a weapon of choice of mercenaries and even bandits. Due to the abundant materials on Astralis to construct a single M1 rifle, it's one of the most popular rifles in Astralis because of its relatively cheap cost, and is rather easily acquired.

In-game statisticsEdit

Model 1 Standard Infantry Rifle
Class Two-handed rifle
Damage 23-35
Speed Moderate
Capacity 15/1 (.27cal rifle rounds)
Effects While this weapon's current magazine is not fully depleted, reloading is 10% slower.
Gold value 450
Quality Common


  • Manhunter
  • Serviceman's Aide
  • Alfin's Trophy
  • The Guard
  • Demoncaliber Rifle


This weapon is based on the M1A1 Carbine, a semi-automatic firearm used by the United States Army during World War II then eventually succeeded by the AR-15 family of assault rifles during the late 1960s.