The Perforator is a unique firearm available in Astralis.


Based after the Moorwind Model 2 automatic rifle (M2AR), this weapon is the apex of Moorwind's firearms.

Featuring a very modern design, the Perforator features an extendable rifle stock, a bolt release button, a railed handguard in order for accessories to be mounted and an integral sound suppressor that dampens the noise when fired.

Other than the military design of the weapon, it has a long-range scope that allows the wielder to accurately dispatch targets from afar. In addition, it has been custom painted with winter camouflage to match Moorwind's snowy terrain.


This rifle is obtained after turning over 10 mythril ingots to Synding Minerbeard at Moorwind. See quest: No Mining, No Problems for more information about the other rewards.

In-game statisticsEdit

Class Unique two-handed firearm
Damage 10-21
Speed Very fast
Capacity 30 / 1 (.27cal rifle rounds)
Effects Unique – Piercing Rounds: This weapon deals .5% more damage to targets with 40+ armor, and 1% more damage to targets with 40- less armor.
Unique – Dampened Shots: Shots from this weapon do not alert enemies.
Selective Shots: This weapon can fire a single shot, and can also fire on full-automatic. This effect can be toggled and has a second cooldown for every toggle.
Gold value 355,750
Quality Unique
Flavor This factory new rifle proved so durable and reliable it didn't have little degradations during field testing.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Perforator is a combination and is based from the Heckler and Koch HK416 and the AAC Honey Badger assault rifles. Interestingly, the Perforator has an integral suppressor much like the AAC Honey Badger.
  • Synding Minerbeard admitted his gang of well-armed bandit miners once ambushed a Moorwind Military Caravan and looted the Perforator on one of the gun cases.