The Prowler's Gear is an exquisite light armor in Astralis.


The Prowler's Gear is an armor obtained after completing "The Prowler" quest in Moorwind. Consisting of an intricate elegant white long-sleeved shirt underneath a thickened pitch leather vest. The armor also sports an inky-black tight leather trousers with a belt equipped with several pouches, along with a pair of matching blackened leather boots, gloves and is topped off with a thick short sable cape with a built-in cowl making the armor a good choice for assassins, and pickpockets.


The suit of light armor is obtained on a chest upon the completion of "The Prowler" on Moorwind's sewers after retrieving five keys of The Prowler found all throughout Moorwind then solving the puzzle in order to retrieve the armor.

In-game statisticsEdit

Prowler's Gear
Class Exceptional light armor
Armor rating 120
Movement speed Fast
Effects Helmet 30 armor
unique – Prowler's Anonymity: City guards will not attack you if you hold a high bounty. (1500 gold cap; 5% chance)
Armor 60 armor
unique – Prowler's Deftness: You move faster, and have a small chance to fully evade melee attacks (5% chance).
Gloves 15 armor
unique – Prowler's Blade: You deal 5% more damage with longswords and rapiers.
Boots 15 armor
unique – Prowler's Anonymity: You are 10% harder to detect while on stealth mode.
Gold value 7,550
Quality Exceptional
Flavor "The armor of the fabled prowler. May it bestow its new keeper the legacy left by its former owner."