The Smiteblade is a forlorn longsword in Astralis.


Astralian legends tell of a mystical blade forged by the Benevolent Creator himself to present it to his most powerful champion before being corrupted by demon spawns a long time ago. Known as the "Heaven-glaive", this forlorn weapon is said to be given to the very pious believers of the Benevolent Creator.

The Smiteblade is a beautiful longsword sporting a gold-platinum hilt and a smooth handle wrought out of pure ivory tusk of a heavenly beast. The long shiny metallic blade was said to be forged with the Benevolent Creator's power giving the weapon a glowing aura with small yellowish-white dust-like particles that move freely around the blade.


The Smiteblade can only be obtained by climbing towards the summit of Mt. Aradan after the player have finished the Church of the Benevolent Creator's questline, have slain 500 demons and have an alignment point that exceeds over neutral. Aside from that, they will also be awarded with the "Warrior of the Faith" title.

After achieving the requirements, the voice of the Benevolent Creator will speak to your character then spawns the blade in front of their feet, and then will bid them good luck so that they may continue their righteous works.

In-game statisticsEdit

Class Forlorn one-handed longsword
Damage 103-202
Speed Fast
Effects Vampires, undead and werewolves cannot equip this weapon.
unique – Demon Slayer: Killing a demon or a dark being grants you 5% of lost health, and mana as long as this weapon is equipped.
unique – Divine Intervention: There's a .5% chance of uncursing one random cursed item on your inventory.
active – Wrath of the Creator: Plants the sword towards the ground to release a beam of light from heaven that deals 300 plus a quarter of the wielder's mana as magic damage over a 20-meter radius. 250 second cooldown.
Gold value Forlorn item, cannot be sold
Quality Forlorn
Flavor "Spreading the word of the Benevolent Creator, one head of an unclean at a time."